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Steven Xue, featured artist, designer, c
Steven Xue

Based in New Zealand, Steven Xue is a designer working in branding, art direction, creative strategy, and editorial. His work is often concept-driven, art adjacent, and aims to be clear executions of a strong creative concepts that connect closely to their given context. With a wide-ranging interest in creative and artistic practices, he draws upon the visual and conceptual languages within abstract art, conceptual art, photography, and printmaking, and seeks to be in dialogue with them.  His aesthetic ranges from modern minimalism to the fun, quirky, and approachable.


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Hey everyone, it’s Rebecca!  I’m so happy to have the chance to gush about my friend Steven.

I had the distinct pleasure of completing my undergraduate studies with Steven at Pacific Northwest College of Art, in Portland, OR. He’s a kind, thoughtful person and an incredibly talented designer. I’ve been admiring his work since day one: nuanced, meticulous, insightful, clever, researched, playful, and deliberate.
Last year, as we were just starting the business, we hired Steven to help us develop our brand. Already familiar with his work, I knew that he’d bring a unique and sophisticated perspective to our business. So, of course, I wasn’t surprised to be (yet again) blown away by the work he did for us. Steven’s dedication, research, and commitment toward the project only enhanced our excitement in those early stages of developing Collab’s core values. The most difficult part of the process for us was choosing which direction we wanted to take as each option he presented us with exceeded our expectations. He translated our ideas into the visual components you see on our website now. Collab also uses Steven’s Literal Grotesk as our primary typeface. 

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Steven Xue work 2
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